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Fiber Optic Preform
Manufacturing Equipment
Total Solution STi

STi maintains mass production technology of high purity preform of LWPF(Low Water Peak Fiber) or ZWPF (Zero Water Peak Fiber) by techs & equips for manufacturing of VAD(Vapor Axial Deposition) core, and especially the cladding is performed by OVD(Outside Vapor Deposition) method for keeping excellent productivity and cost competitiveness compared to major rival makers.

The STI’s outstanding technical standard is mainly based on durability and reproducibility reflected by top facility and technology for mass production. Among other things, quartz torch for core and burner for cladding of high efficiency are major points for competitiveness of technology.Through continuous research and developments, preforms of super purity and large size are undergoing exploitations and it excels global preform market.

STI builds and supplies all equipment as well as those for preform and other related ones such as feeding system for raw chemical material, scrubber that neutralizes process wastes, material conveying system etc. and also offers its most suitable technology as well as upto-date project management skill to clients’ requirements in terms of responsible sense.

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